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The Best Travel Trailer Brands 2017

Best Travel Trailer Brands – One of the things about a campervan really really makes it unique is that it’s built within the confines of a van body. Most of them are about the same size as vehicles you drive every single day in your own town. They’ll park in your driveway they’ll parallel park, you can go where you want. They’re great in traffic in big cities and also their powerful vehicles. They’ll pull anywhere from 3500 to 5000 some will even pull 7,000 pounds. So you could pull boats, horse trailers, quads, snowmobiles, utility trailers whatever you want to do. The other thing about camper vans it’s incredible compared to most motor homes is they get a lot better gas mileage because they don’t have the big big motors that the motor homes have. People can drive more frequently and and that’s part of their great value too is that because they’re small and economical you can use them a lot more than you typically use a motor home.Best Travel Trailer Brands

So that makes them a really great value. They come in a variety of chassis he’s from Ford and Mercedes and Chevrolet and dodge. The new ram ProMaster chassis and so we have a great selection and it’s just a really growing part of the market. And there’s something there for people that want more mobility and better economy in a camper van. One of the questions I hear a lot is what’s the difference between a Class B and a B-plus and I’m going to tell you what that is. A class B is a camper van that’s built really within the confines of a van body. It starts life out as a van and a B-plus is actually like a class C. Class C’s are made on a cutaway chassis, where the manufacturer buys the front part of the vehicle that looks like a van typically and then the chassis extends behind. And they build the whole coach on the back there and that’s a class C. Well a B-plus is like that except typically it’s a lower profile a little bit narrower rig. Usually it doesn’t have the overhead sleepers.

It could be quite a bit longer than B-van just like a C it can be as long as 29 or 30 feet for example Or it could be short like a 20-21 footer. But the main thing about a B-plus is it is built with a cab and then the chassis behind to the manufacturer builds that whole box. We call them B pluses because it wouldn’t be fun to column C minuses. You know another good thing I like about a Class B outside of its nimbleness easy to drive is that both parties like to get together and be able to share the driving maybe on a nice long distance trip.

It’s nice about a class B is to take off go across country get excellent fuel economy. Being able to range from the gas engines around oh, let’s say 10 to 13 miles per gallon for the gas engines. To a much higher fuel efficiency on the yes little more expensive diesels but those are going to range between 16 to about 21 miles per gallon. So pretty nice, go long ways on it take a gas. Hi Gary Christiance, the van guy. You know you kind of wondering what we do for food? Do we have to stop at a restaurant? Not with a camper van it’s a motor home, it has a full kitchen. Let me show you this one is really nice it has great counter space, a recessed sink, two burner cook stove and of course the microwave. But let’s just super size it a little bit, let’s go convection microwave so now you can cook without an oven if you’ve got a convection oven here. Refrigerator, nice spacious refrigerator We do have other models and have a double door refrigerator or just a larger single door.

But you have everything in here to be able to cook nice dinners and not have to go out to the restaurant. Another nice thing i like about the class B camper van is that the bathrooms themselves can be quite roomy and spacious and they’re very practical because you’re going to be able to get up and go use the restroom. Pull off the road and do it in a hurry and you have it all with you going down the road. So right here is an example of a dry bathroom that has a very large shower area as you can see here. Plenty of room and then you also have inside the whole bathroom area here a lot of room if you need to for changing clothes and what have you.

Washing your hands, brushing your teeth you actually have some space to set some things on the counter and have storage as well as the toilet itself being convenient to be able to use that. So nice thing about a Class B camper van your bathroom is always with you wherever you go. Hi, Gary back at you, the van guy. One of the big changes this year and technology besides multiplex wiring is the offering of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries extend your usage dramatically. Right here you can see this one, we do have other manufacturers that offer a 200 series a 400 series and an 800 series. And with the inverters hooked to those an 800 series, you can actually run an air conditioner off your batteries for six or seven hours depending on the weather.

In addition to that we also have a new feature called Volt Autostart. So while you’re gone if you have something running off your lithium battery. When it reaches so volts it automatically, if you’ve got it turned on, it will automatically start your engine for 35 minutes and charge your lithium battery up and shut itself off. A very nice feature if you’re going to leave something running in your in your vehicle like if you have a pet you want to have your AC running or a fan or something like that. It’s a very nice feature and lithium batteries heaven a great recharge time, they’re really quick and they last a very, very long time.

It’s even got an optional golf club bag carrier for golf clubs or you could take this out and use it for many different things. This is also got an area up above that’s access just from the rear plus you have another cabinet on the other side that is accessible from the inside. And all the cabinetry that you have in the van goes all the way around so you have plenty of storage inside for like folded clothes and most of them have a nice generous closet to hang your clothes up.

One of the great things about camper vans is that you can be really spontaneous because they’re small you can go places and other people can’t go and you don’t necessarily need a reservation to get a campsite because you can take any site there. Because everything in here works when you’re camping even if you’re dry camped, you don’t need a campsite with hook ups you’ve got all your kitchen and bedding and bathroom you can watch TV you can do anything you want to hear wherever you go.

Because it’s small and it will fit anywhere you can be super spontaneous and you can go at the drop of a hat and not worry about where you’re going to stay.Best Travel Trailer Brands

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