Best Travel Credit Card 2015

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Best Travel Credit Card 2015 – Everybody likes free stuff right so I’m gonna tell you exactly what i did in order to go to Bali and Hong Kong for nothing at all. So we actually just got married. It was a wonderful wonderful beautiful ceremony We got married at this really beautiful rooftop venue overlooking the city of Atlanta. I had my bridesmaids dressed up in saris. They looked gorgeous. We danced. We partied. We ate great cake. We ate great food. We even had our first dance choreographed thanks to my friend Shara Jackson. She’s awesome. And then we go away by helicopter at the end of the night. It was just a really awesome right. And then two days later we went on our honeymoon and that was awesome as well. So how were we able to go on our honeymoon for free? That’s what I want to talk to you guys about.
Best Travel Credit Card 2015
This is not a sponsored post. Nobody is paying me to say this. I’m going to tell you exactly what i did in order to go to Asia for nothing at all. So having travel h*cking? Travel h*ckers are basically people who, they chase, like rewards, points, and miles, and you know, they try and game the system in order to travel for free. Well, that’s kind of what we did. So basically several months before the wedding we ordered the chase sapphire preferred credit card. I ordered one and he ordered one. I also got another credit card but I’ll get into that later. With the chase sapphire preferred card you get 50,000 bonus points when you spend four thousand dollars in the first three months. Now because we were planning a wedding, that was really easy to do. Each of us were easily able to spend four thousand dollars in the first three months. We were easily able to get those 50,000 bonus points each together. That was a hundred thousand bonus point that we were able to put towards miles for our flight to Asia.

Yeah I mean awesome. And so here’s where the travel h*cking part comes in because I didn’t just get the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, I also got another credit card to use in conjunction with my Chase Sapphire Preferred card. I got the Chase Freedom card, because with the Chase Freedom card, you get five times the points in certain categories. So let’s say that from October to December they have a category for gas and groceries where if you use your credit card for all of your gas and grocery purchases you get five times the points. So for October through December I would use my Chase Freedom card for gas and groceries and for all other purchases I would use my chase sapphire preferred card so I’m able to really maximize every single dollar that I’m spending and with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you get double the points if you use it on travel related items so like flights, hotels, even restaurants so I’m getting double points from my chase sapphire preferred card and i’m getting five times the points on certain items with my chase freedom card.

Now the beautiful thing about these two cards is you can combine the point so you can transfer everything from your chase freedom card to chase sapphire card and that’s what I did. When it came time to book my travel, I transferred all of my points from the Chase Freedom card onto my chase sapphire preferred card and then Karl and I linked our credit cards so that I was also able to have him transfer his 50,000 bonus points and his other points that he amassed from you know spending stuff for our wedding, we were able to transfer all his points onto my credit card so my Chase Sapphire Cared now has my 50,000 bonus points, his 50,000 bonus points, and any points that I amassed on my chase freedom card.

That was a boatload of points and we were able to use it all to book two plane tickets. My ticket and his ticket to Bali and Hong Kong. How awesome is that? We didn’t have to pay for it because we just used points. So I highly highly recommend using points if you can to travel. I mean, it’s like free money because you’re basically just getting rewarded for money that you’re already going to be spending anyway and that is exactly how we were able to travel for free on our honeymoon. You know we’re both very responsible people so you know when it comes to finances, nothing that we spend just sits on our credit card.

We paid it off every single month. I’ve never had a balance on my card that I didn’t pay off in the end of the month. So if you are a financially responsible person then i highly recommend getting a credit card that has good travel rewards but there are other credit cards out there that I heard were also great. The Capital One Venture card for example was really awesome and the good thing about that card is you get 2 times the points on every dollar you spend not just on certain categories, not just on travel, not just on you know hotels and restaurants. On every dollar spent on the Capital One venture card. But I ended up doing the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and and the chase freedom card and I combined this point along with Kar’s points to book the travel for my honeymoon. So that is it, that is how we were able to travel and go on our honeymoon for FREE. For free! Best Travel Credit Card 2015

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