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The Best Travel Camera 2016 till Now !

Best Travel Camera 2016 – So it’s been about a month or maybe just a little bit longer that i’ve had my sony a6000 . I’m not gonna go fully depth in a review or something like that but i’m gonna tell you about my experience because you know this isnt the newest camera out there but this is one of sony’s popular selling cameras especially on the consumer prosumer side of things so here’s my thoughts and my first really you know two months of actually dealing with the sony a6000 . I’ve even started off essentially with the the fuji x100 which was a dream camera but I didnt like the fixed focal length it just really wasn’t something that I wanted when I thought I did when I moved up to the sony rx100 mark 3 now the mark four is out and i just wanted something a little more robust that was a little better especially in regards to the video because you know I like to get maybe multiple angles on things and I wound up getting the sony a6000, plus it’s pretty much one of the most popular cameras being sold right now between 500 to 600 dollars depending on where you get your deal i got mine from like best buy for like five hundred bucks I caught a fantastic deal on this so I decided to jump into it and you know a couple of things that jump off jumped out to me that I really wanted is I like that it’s very compact you know that is the whole thing with this mirrorless phase not phase i’m sorry the whole thing with people going mirrorless is because people love this compact nature you don’t need a ton people don’t mind it’s less bulk for people on which you know I technically like the DSLR ergonomics better but something light something easy on the go this works really well for me and i like it because it is compact it does give me a little bit of a tilt screen you know once again to me that’s kind of a vanity feature i don’t i don’t necessarily need it but I got this be but it’s just something better especially when I’m doing something on the street you know if you follow my instagram you see a lot of the stuff that I do a shot with this or my phone and it just gives you a little bit something more something easier so you’re not you know having to look for the electronic viewfinder you can be down here at the screen and it just the the button I mean the menus are very very easy to use and this is very comfortable and I guess the other cool thing is that i can if i really wanted since this is you know has a lens I could take this off and I could get an adapter and use my own nikon lenses on it so those are huge perks especially for the sony a6000 and so far i’ve been really blown away with this this has been an easy buy just because it’s so simple use its lightweight it’s just very reliable and it’s low light is actually pretty good and so I’ve been pretty much blown away by it.
Best Travel Camera 2016
I don’t mind the file size it’s what 24. 3 megapixels you know not bad mirrorless cool you know all that kind of stuff but I just I really like some of the features that this had was there anything I really they got me the autofocus is actually pretty good there’s a hundred seventy-nine phase detect and 25 contrast and that’s something that Sony has been putting in a lot of the cameras ,so you can use Sony flashes you know some other third party flashes directly onto this and that is another reason why I did that and especially why I wanted to include maybe if I have a mic something like that that I want to use externally it can really go on to this as well and I to the another huge thing that happened was a the new firmware just came out for this actually as well and that’s something as a video guy i really enjoyed and I have it right here so the new firmware for the sony a6000 is essentially XAVCHD so that your codec and shoots at 50 megabytes at 20 and 30 frames per second or 24 and 34 frames per second and it’s..

You will need super fast SD cards you’re going to need class 10 you’re going to need you know 60 megabytes enough to start handling all the speed especially with all this 4k coming up this is a really important thing to really get used to so i highly recommend getting fast cards especially when using something like this when you’re hiring you know bigger frame rates megabytes per second all that transferring and writing speed everything like that you’re going to need it but it retains the most detail so it’s kind of essential when you’re stepping into this game i really enjoyed this i’ve used this little light just deciding like weddings you know personal family events type of things i have a great i was able to capture because I traveled home for a weekend it was able to capture my grandparents 60th anniversary party and a very low lit type restaurant through a black and white I was a wasn’t like a 1600 ISO there’s a little bit of grain but it’s actually not bad it’s really strong and I really like that and I’ll pop that up here just so you can see it as well that was shot with this sony a6000 but overall i bought this you know because its portability its quality its video and it has not failed to disappoint me whatsoever So the sony a6000 gets a double thumbs up by me I ,when you’re looking to maybe get into the mirrorless market this is a great camera to start at you know there are some others as well Olympus all that kind of stuff you know and then going if you want the bigger full frame you were already in the market essentially like how you’re buying a DSLR as well – Best Travel Camera 2016

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