The Best Time to Travel to Tokyo

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When Is The Best Time to Travel to Tokyo?


The Best Time to Travel to Tokyo
The Best Time to Travel to Tokyo

When the weather is so nearly perfect, and the heat and summer rains have passed, so the sightseeing is at its best. Your honeymoon plan will be perfect when you plan to go here on late fall (foliage season) and springtime (cherry blossoms), because it’s the most romantic times to visit Tokyo. The best time to travel to Tokyo is on March, April, October, and November. While the good weather in Tokyo will start on late March to May and October to early December.  Wanna know the best time for saving money? Visit Tokyo on January and February to see fewer tourists. But as you know, Tokyo is such a big business destination, so the small drop in tourism activities doesn’t make a huge difference with saving money or the hotel prices. And the best time for nightlife : Tokyo has plenty of going on at night in year-round.


The best time to travel to Tokyo in every moments

  1. Best Time for Shopping

The best time to visit Japan 2017 for shopping enthusiasts is during the clearance sales that held twice a year, in winter and summer. When it comes to shopping, Tokyo is a treasure trove. With both fall and winter items sold at bargain prices. Throughout the nation, you will find great deals at big department stores as well as the smaller shops. The winter sale is mainly held during the New Year holiday season and the year-end. About the third week in July, the closing of the rainy season each year, marks the opening of Tokyo’s famed end-of-summer sales. Sundays tend to be the busiest shopping day of the week, with many families heading out together. Many shops are closed on Mondays, while on Wednesdays some department stores close. Typically at 10am on a Thursday or Tuesday, is your best bet for avoiding the long lines and biggest crowds.


  1. Best Time for Sightseeing

A time when the float in the air like snowflakes and cherry blossoms are in bloom, creating a fantasy like scene from late March to mid April, spring brings the beautiful sakura season. The best months to see the sights in Tokyo are late March, April, October, and also November. With frequent sunshine and little rain, the weather in spring is pleasant. In November, there’s a slight chill in the air, but the weather in Tokyo is often idyllic, while exploring the city, you will enjoy the peak of autumn foliage. There’s little rainfall, temperatures are mild and skies are clear. August and July are typically most humid times of year and the hottest, and if you’re averse to humidity, it can be uncomfortable for sightseeing.


  1. Best Time for Foliage

On average, the colors in Tokyo are best viewed from mid November through the early December. Over a couple of weeks, autumn foliage can usually be enjoyed, unlike the cherry blossoms which last for only a week. Downtown is one of the city’s best spots to take in the colorful leaves. So, it’s all the best time to travel to Tokyo. Choose the season that you want.

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