The Best Time to Travel to Portugal

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Best Time to Travel to Portugal
Best Time to Travel to Portugal

Here are the best time to travel to Portugal and worst time to go there. In summer, inland Alentejo hits the 40C but the coasts are cooler. With the south and centre getting the 3.200 sunshine hours per year, so there is no best time to visit Portugal. Autumn and spring averages about 20°C. While autumn has the glorious colour plus the harvest bounty may brings wildflowers. Albeit with occasional morning frost even midwinter sees 4-6 hours of sun. Almond blossom lights up the Algarve and Alentejo in February. For snow-lovers, should head for Serra de Estrela, the snowcapped from October to May.


When not to visit Portugal

The start signal of Portugal’s rainy season happen in December and November, although there is plenty of space in between showers to make the sporadic sunshine and relative warmth. So it’s the worst time to visit Portugal. In the sunshine beneath a cloudless sky with festive decorations glinting, there’s nothing like a spot of Christmas shopping in Lisbon.


When to visit Portugal

July and August are the peak tourist season in Portugal like many places in Europe. Portuguese travelers join the throngs of international tourists in August, which is very busy due to the fact that it’s Portugal’s holiday month, in particular. The hot weather is perfect to spend endless days on Portugal’s sunny beaches in July and August, but you will have to pay the highest peak season prices. Beaches are a lot less crowded as day to day life along the coast gets back to normal in September. Portugal in October weather often represent the best time to go to southern Portugal as sea temperatures are still warm.

With seaside resorts and beaches around the Troia and Algarve peninsula often rammed the cities offer quieter alternatives with alfresco dining lasting well into the warm summer evenings July and August are so busy times of year in the Portugal. It’s the best time to visit Portugal Algarve. Head away from the towns and onto windswept suns, wild to find the space that far away from the summer crowds, there’re always plenty of beaches to go round here though.


In January or February, head to Portugal at the start of the year, and you will find not only colder and wetter days, but also spring like blossom of juxtaposed against, the clear blue skies. The 6th January is when the Three Wise Men arrive which known as Dia de Reis. It’s when the crown-shaped cakes are eaten. So, look out for the lucky bean inside.

Carnival is also celebrated, with strong ties to Brazil, and particularly in Lisbon and the Algarve. And with fewer formal parades than its South American counterpart, but the plenty of fancy dress and street parties. The North of Lisbon, experiences the worst of the weather, as temperatures are never freezing unless you’re heading to the higher plains of the Serra de Estrela where snow lasts into March and April, but this is still only relative. The months of May and June finds rains ceasing across the country and temperatures rising with inland areas still accessible for activity makers although getting hotter in the middle of the day. That’s all about the best time to travel to Portugal.


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