Best Time To Travel To Las Vegas

Best Time To Travel To Las Vegas – Vegas is pretty busy year round. Weekends are more crowded. Weekdays are less crowded, but still pretty busy and lines at buffets are common.Best Time To Travel To Las Vegas

If you want to avoid crowds, the best time to go is the first two weeks of December. That is probably the slowest period of the year. But weather is chilly.

If you want the best weather, the spring (April-May) and fall (Sept-Oct) are best. But popular times to visit.

Check the convention calendar to avoid huge conventions, because that can make hotel prices jump, as can major holidays, and events like boxing and March madness, the basketball tournament in March.

Las Vegas is situated in the United States in the western state of Nevada. Rising like an oasis from the Mojave Desert, this city of over 1,000,000 people enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. “Hey buddy, would ya pass me the suntan lotion?” If ever there was a city that shouldn’t be, it’s Las Vegas. Starting life as a windswept watering hole on the Pioneer Trail, this is a city that continually beat the odds.

Over the decades, Las Vegas grew into a kinda neon Camelot, whose c*sin*s and Rat Pack style has become almost legendary; but if your ideas about Las Vegas look like an old Super 8 movie, prepare to be blown away. And I mean really blown away. This is not just a city. The Las Vegas of the 21st century is like visiting another planet – A Pleasure Planet! It’s a total escapist fantasy. Everyone is here for a good time, from Grandma Joe to movie stars – “hey! isn’t that…?”.

Whatever you want, you can have it here. Looking for a taste of classic Vegas, Daddy O? Head Downtown to Fremont Street and into a world of old school cocktail lounges, piano bars and classic c*sin*s. Okay. Now it’s time to hit The Strip. If everything’s big in Vegas, it’s a hundred times bigger here. We’re not talking c*sin*s anymore, we’re talkin’ mythical cities – whole worlds geared around you having the time of your life. Whatever mood floats your boat, you’ll find it here. Fancy three days of unbelievable indulgence? Say “buongiorno” to the Bellagio and her incredible dancing fountains. Step back in time at the Luxor or Caesars Palace. This is what Ancient Egypt and Rome might have been like if they’d discovered electricity and cocktails (or happy hours) a little sooner.

Feeling more tropically inclined? Kick off those heels and feel the sand between your toes at The Mirage and Mandalay Bay resorts. The resorts on the Strip are so vast and self-contained, it’s possible to land in one and not step outside again for the rest of your stay. But you will step out and explore the unique themes of at least a few others, sampling the incredible shows, dining, and shopping experiences each one has to offer. If this neon paradise still ain’t enough for you, Mother Nature has a few surprises of her own. That is, if you can find your way out! The Valley of Fire is just 50 miles out of town, and the Grand Canyon is a half-a-day drive away. But as nighttime descends, Vegas calls like an incredible cluster of neon jewels under the desert sky. Las Vegas dazzles like no other city.Best Time To Travel To Las Vegas

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