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I’m starting a solo travel tips series for you that will go over where to stay, how to budget, how to save how to make friends, safety steps you should take, and more, more, more, more, more! To get you prepared to take your first solo trip. how you can find cheap and free places to stay when you’re abroad.Best Single Travel Reviews

Did someone say free? Someone said free? When you’re traveling alone you often want to save them dolla dolla bills, you know what I’m sayin’? So you can travel longer and because I know you rather spend it on food and activities. Someone said food? Today I’m hitting you with a ton of tips and advice on how you can find cheap accommodation and even free stay FREE!! When you’re traveling solo, let’s go! What if I told you you can stay at someone’s house and let’s say…London? Or uh…the Caribbean? If you just took care of their pets and water their plants. So you’re telling me I can travel around the world and take care of people’s cats? Yes…that’s my dream…
Best Single Travel Reviews
Yes, that’s what house sitting is! House sitting is a practice when a homeowner leaves for a period of time and entrusts his or her home to a house sitter. There are a few very trusty websites which I will list in the description below for you to browse through different listings. But with great power comes great responsibility! Because someone entrusted you with their homes, please, please, please be a good caretaker and follow the homeowner’s guidelines. With a good profile showing homeowner’s your past experiences house sitting, your love for pets, or any other household skills, you’re on your way to working and living abroad…oh, for free! How do you feel about working on a farm in Portugal? Or feeding and bathing elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand? Or flexing that people skills at a hostel in Canada? There are plenty of work stay programs that will let you stay for FREE or a super cheap all inclusive stay that includes wifi, food, education in exchange for a few hours of your week.

Plenty of hostels allow you to work for free stays. Maybe just around 20 hours a week! You can easily find a hostel at a city you want to go to and reach out to them and see if they have any of these programs. Some even just list it directly onto their website. There are cultural exchange programs where you can work with kids in Malaysia, on a stable in Belgium, and… I’m not going to tell you all of it. The point here is not to tell you about all the cool programs that are out there but to let you know, they they exist, and I can’t wait for you to start your research to find the one that fits you! I did put some links in the description below to get you started. We’re continuing with that freeeee because not everybody is a ballah like me! That’s right! Just a dollar bill? This all I got? I got anything else? If you like falling asleep on couches then do I have the option for you! Couchsurfing is a community of travelers who open up their homes to strangers.

Yes, for free! You don’t even need this dollar bill! You can stay on their couch and sometimes even their guest room and for what in exchange? For a genuine travel experience where people around the world open their home and share their lives, share their stories. To meet a new friend from another part of the world. While this may seem kind of scary and unsafe, I get it. The Couchsurfing community is truly loving and friendly and embodies the kindness of travelers. And the site goes very far to ensure there’s safety, trust, and security when you are making hosting arrangements. Good ol’ hostels, you can’t go wrong with them.

Hostel is a very sociable accommodation. Think of it like hotels except it’s much more budget-friendly. $10-30 a night for staying at a 2 person bedroom, 6 person bedroom…even 18 person bedroom? There’s even 24 person bedroom, I know…it’s kind of crazy! is the main resource to find the best hostels around the world! No need to go anywhere else. Now, things to keep in mind if you’re going to book a hostel. It is cheap but expect a lot of noise! There are people coming home from 4am after drinking, people unpacking, people packing, people chattering. There’s a French dude sleeping two feet above you and an Australian girl three feet next to you.

You don’t get a lot of personal space. There are party hostels and there are hostels that are quiet and calm. Be sure to read the reviews thoroughly otherwise you’re going to be at a party hostel when you rather get some sleep for the night. In general, hostels are awesome. Usually hostels have a bar, they have food, they have travelers all around the world and even the staff are experienced travelers. You really can’t go wrong with hostels. Airbnb is a site that allows people to list out their rooms and their homes. And for other people to rent it out! And if you’re sitting there thinking, “eeerrmehgad TJ I already know that!” Did you know…you can negotiate on Airbnb?! Save that dolla, dolla bill! If you are staying more than a few days, let’s say more than a week, you can actually contact the host through the listing and ask for a better price.

You can ask to cut out the cleaning fee, ask for a discount if you stay X amount of days. Don’t be afraid to ASK. Next, it is always cheaper to rent out Airbnbs off tourist season. Oh, and there’s a code for $25 off your first booking in the description below. Now as a bonus tip, the same thing applies to hotels. Last minute booking on hotels will actually get you cheaper deals than if you were to book super far in advance. And that’s because hotels would rather have their rooms filled than not filled. Let’s get the party started!!! [dying] Alright travel bugs, I gave y’all 5 awesome ways to find cheap and even free places to stay when you’re traveling solo. Not only are they affordable they are also a great way to meet new people when you are on that solo life.Best Single Travel Reviews

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