Best Camera Bag For Travel

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Best Camera Bag For Travel – We’re at Yosemite and I have a backpack that I really like. This is the Manfrotto BeFree backpack. I’ve been through a lot of bags, but this one is fantastic. I’ve been using the Everyday Messenger, and I still like it But the problem with the Messenger bag, or any messenger bag, is that it has one strap. And if you have any reasonable amount of gear, it’s going to hurt your shoulder, especially if you do a lot of walking or hiking. So, backpacks alleviate that: You get better weight distribution, but you trade off that sore shoulder for a sweaty back. It’s a compromise I’m willing to make. You can carry two tripods on here. You have the option of carrying one on the back, or you can carry a tripod in this side pocket. I have a mug with water or coffee in there, usually. It’s got external pockets for things like your passport or your batteries, things you want to quickly access. It’s got a rain cover in here for times when it gets really wet.
Best Camera Bag For Travel
And you can put up to a 15-inch laptop in the back if you’re travelling. And of course, the main compartment here. I have a jacket in here now. You can store lots of lenses. I’m storing a 24-70, a 16-35, and a 70-200. Lots of room left over. I’ve also attached a clip to one of the straps here. This is a Peak Design clip. So I can leave it here where my camera is accessible, and I don’t have to have an extra strap. Overall, I’m super happy with it.

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