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Best Backpack For Travel Carry On – Today, we got a review about the Osprey Farpoint 55, a travel backpack that fits into the overhead bin on most airline carrier’s overhead bin compartments. You’re probably wondering what kind of expertise I would have to even talk about a traveling backpack. Well, I lived in South America out of my bag for a for a year and if that’s not enough to convince you here’s some random clips.
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Well, why did I buy this bag? Here I am, I’m drawing the USA and an airplane because I took a trip from the United States to Ireland I even got some space footage here that I had to cartoon-i-fy just to prove it to you.

The Osprey 55. Oh my god, where did it go? A lot of people buy a big backpack cuz they think they’re gonna be incognito. You’re not going to be incognito. You’d be better off with a rolly bag and you probably look pretty cool. Well I didn’t really think about what it would be like to lug everything around on my back until I didn’t have to, and then that’s all I could think about. About how people don’t have things on their back. But what are the benefits? Well for one, you get a teeny tiny day pack. It’s very small and embarrassing to wear, but you get used to it and it can hold some stuff. I used some Amazon Basics Packing Cubes,

When you own the Osprey, you’re not wanting for anymore space and neither is the airplanes overhead compartment. Because it’s soft sided, you can smash it in there like a pillow in a dog kennel. And it zips into itself so that the handles don’t get snagged on anything. The handles seem sturdy so you can grab it by the handles and the handle will hold the bag. Which better freaking be the case because I got this tote from a magazine subscription and it holds what’s inside. Oh what’s else? Oh everyone on their grandma can see this obnoxious branding prominently featured on the bag.

Probably can see it from outer space. I own the bag now. Don’t advertise to the world your brand. That’s it. if you liked it, like it. If you loved it share it. Best Backpack For Travel Carry On

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