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The Best Backpack For Business Travel 2017

Best Backpack For Business Travel – I love the Osprey Porter 46L. One of my favorite things about this bag is the outside zipper. There are very few backpacks on the market that include an organizational pouch like this and this was the primary reason I purchased the bag. I have a full 13 inch laptop here, a Kindle, an iPad mini; there’s plenty of space for everybody in here. Second reason why Osprey Porter is our first choice in backpack is because this backpack is NOT a top-loader. I can’t even imagine having a top loader at this point in travel.Best Backpack For Business Travel

It is so easy to open this backpack all the way up and access anything that you have inside. It’s almost feels like we’re traveling with real luggage instead of schlepping through a backpack. Reason three this backpack is the choice for me, is the back! Yes, there are straps but you can tuck them away. There are so many backpackers in tight aisles smack you with their straps walking by. On this backpack, the straps detach and zip away for this sleek design.

Those are my favorite things about this bag. Just a couple other details, there’s also a top zipper, which, if I have the bag super full, I can’t really put much in here, maybe just about my passport, but with a little bit of a lighter load right now I have my sunglasses case, and a towel, and my muff for riding on the motorbike! Is the Osprey Porter 46L carry-on friendly on various airlines? From experience, it depends. It’s hard to find a concrete answer but I’m happy to share with you our results! So make sure you’re within the current up-to-date weight requirements for the airline. As far as getting this puppy inside the carry-on size-check metal container (that you know is significantly smaller than what’s available on the airplane itself) that’s a little bit of a different story. Best Backpack For Business Travel

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